You can request a payout from your QQTube dashboard. There are 2 options when requesting a payout:

1) Funds.  We will add the amount to your QQTube account as funds for you to use on services. If you have the funds added back to your QQTube account you will receive a 20% bonus. 

2) Paypal.  We will send the amount from your QQTube account to Paypal.   

In some cases we are not able to pay via Paypal.  This can happen due to country restrictions.  If we cannot pay via Paypal we will send you an email/open a ticket on your behalf to your QQTube email.

Please Note: 

Once you have requested an Affiliate Payout it can take up to 30 days before the commission is paid out. The waiting time is so that we can verify all orders and wait the appropriate time to ensure there are no refunds or chargebacks on the orders. When the orders are clear, the payout will be made automatically.