This can happen for several reasons.  You can find more details about delayed payments by logging into your account and going to the main dashboard page where it will say what the delay is for.  The below is not for invalid orders however.  Please check your email after ordering to verify.  The difference between a valid order and invalid order is a valid order will generate an invoice, Order ID and email.  An Invalid order will not.  If you did not receive an email, please see this article about invalid orders:



1) The time for bitcoins to be verified is not consistent and is based on how much you pay in fees.  We must wait for the blockchain (thousands of computers) to verify you sent the money and verify we received it.  Until then we cannot add funds to your account.  To speed this process up you can increase the fee when sending (higher fee = faster speed).  The usual time is between 2 minutes and 30 minutes.  Do not set the fee to 0 or else it may never complete!


All payment methods: 

1) The order was held for fraud review. We have automated systems in place to detect fraud and if it's detected as a possible fraud attempt then it will be held until staff review it.