All of our services have different delivery methods and therefore different delivery speeds. The delivery speed for all services can vary based on many factors such as the current traffic we have available for that service, the size of your order, and/or our overall order demand for the service. 

You can find detailed information about each individual service (including the estimated Delivery Speed) by going to the New Order page Service Description. Under SELECT YOUR PLATFORM you will find a drop-down menu for each service. The New Order page Service Description will give you detailed information about each service, such as start time, delivery speed, and any features or restrictions that could prevent delivery. Our services frequently change so we recommend that you review the New Order page Service Description before placing all new orders.

When placing an order please be aware of the estimated Start Time. Some services do not have an instant start time. Also, be aware that instant start does not mean instant delivery - it means that your order will start processing when it's placed. Once the order starts you can expect to receive the services paid for at the delivery speed that was indicated on the New Order page.