We offer Reseller/Bulk pricing on some of our services for approved customers. To be eligible for Reseller account status:

1) You must have an accumulated deposit balance that is equal to or greater than the required deposit amount for that status level you want. 


2) You must make a deposit for the required minimum deposit amount for the status level you want.

Below you can find the minimum deposit required to become a Reseller. The minimum deposit amount is per deposit, not a one-time deposit. 


$50 minimum deposit (Small Reseller)

$500 minimum deposit (Large Reseller)

If you would like to become a Reseller and have met the deposit requirement, please open a support ticket and provide us with the following information:

1) email address associate with your QQTube account

2) your name

3) estimated spending volume per month (USD) 


Your information and account will be reviewed and once you have been approved as a Reseller we will share our current Reseller prices with you.

Please note that as our prices and services frequently change and so may the Reseller/Bulk prices & services. 

All prices and services are subject to change without notice. An updated list of Reseller pricing is always available upon request.