Geo-Targeted views are the option that would allow you to choose views from a specific country. 

We can only deliver to the countries we have available when you choose the service. When possible we offer a service for Geo-Targeted views. To see if this service is available and which countries are offered please go to the New Order Page and look for Geo-Targeted views. You will be able to select a country and if it's not in the selection/drop down we will not be able to deliver to that country.  Our available countries change as our userbase of viewers and customers change. If you don't see the option for Geo-Targeted views that means that the service isn't currently available. All "other" views services are from viewers World Wide and we have no control over the country of origin. Please note that delivery speeds vary for our Geo-Targeted Views service by the country the views are coming from. Some countries have a faster delivery speed than others. 

Please note that our services frequently change. For a current list of our services please see our Services and Pricing page If you don’t see the service you’re looking for on the list or on our Order page, that means that the service isn’t currently available.