To get the free views as advertised on the front page, you only need to complete a few quick and easy steps!

1) You of course need to register on our site.  This is a quick process.  You can register on this page:

2) Verify your email.  After registering you are sent an email with a link in it to verify your email is active and is controlled by you.  This is to help prevent fraudulent signups.

3) Login to our site.  On the page after signing in you should see the "Free Credits" option.  Click on that.

4) Follow the steps on the page.

4.1) In some cases we may require you to verify your account via SMS message.  Please enter your SMS number and when you submit we will send a number code to the cell # provided.  Be sure not to use a free SMS provider, use your own phone.

4.2) When you follow us on twitter, you need to enter your twitter screen name in the form field.  Your screen name can be found by looking at the URL for your profile.  Please wait 2 minutes and then enter your screen name or profile URL.

5) After following the above steps you can now enter your YouTube URL, click submit and your free views will be delivered.

That is it!