We understand that many customers would like to try our services before depositing funds into their QQTube account and placing their first paid order. Our Free Service offer is a one-time only offer and not valid for linked accounts (if an account linked to yours has already taken advantage of one of our Free Services offers you are not eligible). Once you have taken advantage of it you will not be eligible again. Our system has several security measures in place to detect linked accounts, if one account has already used our Free Offer no other linked accounts are eligible.  

To take advantage of our free offer:
1) Log into your account

2) Click on the Go To Account button in the top right 

3) You will see the button for Free Services on the left side of your screen (left side menu bar), click that.

4) Now you are on the Free Order page. You will see the services that are currently available for the free offer and the requirements that must be met before you can place the order.